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STEPHANIE RILEY-SOOKRAM, PTS, PFS, Advanced Core Rehab Specialist

Stephanie smStephanie is a certified personal trainer, certified prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist and an advanced core rehab specialist. Stephanie is also a mom of two busy kids and knows first hand what women go through physically before, during pregnancy and after baby, and how the right exercise at the right time can make a world of difference in a woman’s life.


After years of dabbling in exercise and training, Stephanie obtained her personal trainer and prenatal and postnatal certifications from CanFitPro in 2012. Stephanie loves to keep up with continuous education in her field and that passion combined with a personal need lead her to pursue a multi level certification as an Advanced Core Rehab Specialist through Bellies Inc. and an additional Physiotherapist Professional level course with Julie Wiebe PT. Stephanie works with women through weight loss, strength training and endurance training and is also specialized in core and pelvic floor rehab.

Stephanie helps women train for their fitness, wellness and health goals and takes a holistic and personalized approach to her classes and training sessions. If you are planning for or are pregnant, if you have ever had a baby or had pelvic or abdominal surgery she can help you work towards a strong, healthy, functional body starting from the deep core outward. She works with women to resolve that ‘mummy tummy’ pouch, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, hip, back or pelvis pain, or just want to feel strong and functional again.

Stephanie is excited to be part of The WOMB family and bring her skills to the team to help the women in the community to be happy, healthy and feel good in their skin everyday!

UMMUL PATRAWAL, Yoga Instructor


Ummul is a yogi and mom to 3 wonderful and active boys and a former marketing executive. When her children were young, they turned to yoga and mindfulness to help their family through through a personal crisis. Reflecting on the positive changes that they experienced, at an emotional and physical level, she embarked on her mission to share the joy of Yoga with other children and families.

Ummul has grown up with yoga and has been actively sharing and teaching yoga to her own kids and within her community since 2010. She is a Children's certified Yoga teacher, who has attended several online yoga and mindfulness seminars, healthy eating seminars and personal growth and development conferences. She has been teaching Yoga to families, parents and children at public and private schools, libraries, parenting centres and at her local studio, YogaVision.



Amanda Stevenson is a certified yoga instructor (CYT-200). She specializes in yoga for women's health including prenatal, restorative/yin and fertility. She is passionate and knowledgeable about helping women understand their bodies and how stress can affect fertility, weight gain and blood sugar levels. With a holistic approach, she will empower you to nourish and heal your mind and body. She enjoys being a mom and caring for her family. She spends every summer traveling around Nicaragua. She also enjoys gardening and cooking. She is an avid reader of health and nutrition books. She currently teaches online Fertility Yoga Series with Fab Fertile and Chillaxin' Restorative Yoga at Life Yoga in Milton, ON.


kirstinKirstin takes great pleasure in connecting with the moms-to-be in her pre-natal yoga classes and is very happy to be part of the wonderful team of practitioners at the WOMB.

Deeply inspired by nature, and a fascination of movement, flexibility, and the over-all "good-feelings' of a yoga practice, Kirstin has been providing pre-natal mindfulness-based Hatha yoga for nearly a decade. A curiosity of the body and it's inner workings - digestion, childbirth, and healing continue; and by using movement, deep stretching, and breath work, and most importantly love and community, the possibilities of connection and growth are endless.

After over 15 years in the corporate realm, a life-time of yoga, and the birth of her two children, Kirstin began an intensive and dedicated study of yoga, prenatal and post-natal health, and nutrition acquiring her Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification and Holistic Nutrition Consultant Certification. This wonderful journey continues, and Kirstin looks forward to meeting you soon, and practicing together.

PamelaVieiraPAMELA VIEIRA, Birthing from Within Mentor, Birth and Postnatal Doula

Pamela is a Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator, Certified Birth and Postnatal Doula. Becoming a parent changed her life forever. It ignited a passion and fire for birth and breastfeeding, and proved how important it is to trust your body and instincts. Her desire is to support and empower women to birth and parent their way and make informed decisions for their family prenatally, through birth and once their sweet little baby is in their arms for the first time. She is an outgoing mom of three and wife to her best friend, Kevin.

KAREN MCWILLIAM, HypnoBirthing(R) Practitioner, Birthing from Within(R) Mentor, Birth and Postnatal Doula

KarenMcWilliamKaren's entire body of work is focused on prenatal and postpartum care. Karen received her Birth Doula certification from DONA International in 2005 and has witnessed the transformative power of birth through her attendance at over 300 home, hospital and birth centre births. Karen is also a Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, certified HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) Practitioner, a Birthing from Within Mentor, Lactation Educator and mother of two amazing children. Karen continues to expand her knowledge base by attending birth & yoga-related workshops, trainings and courses. Karen acknowledges and is grateful for each birth she has attended, each family she has supported and each baby she has held. For it is in the moments of being present in the birthing of mothers, fathers, and families that she understands how much wisdom exists in the world.


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