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Fertility Workshops

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 Enhancing Fertility through Cycle Awareness and Natural Women's Health | Fertility Yoga

 Enhancing Fertility through Cycle Awareness and Natural Health

Understand your cycle, balance your hormones and care for yourself naturally. Uncover topics including the fertility awareness method, natural women’s health products, and what to eat for healthy hormones.

You will leave with practical strategies, useful apps, DIY recipes and much more!

Brought to you by our Naturopathy and Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Departments

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 Fertility Yoga

The journey of Fertility is sometimes challenging. Sometimes it is difficult to find others who understand and share similar emotions and stress.

When planning a baby or undergoing assisted reproduction, yoga can increase blood flow, reduce tension and anxiety and help align the pelvis which all can help in achieving a faster conception. With a mix of poses (asanas), breath control and meditation, fertility can be enhanced by reducing stress and improving hormonal circulation.

Join us to talk, share, relax as we will explore the benefits of yoga to compliment your current treatment plan and support a healthy future pregnancy. We will rotate various topics around emotions, hormones, parasympathetic nervous system vs. sympathetic nervous system, mind body awareness (meditation), pelvic health, self love and specific yoga postures to open the hips to release tension in abdominal areas.

Your instructor will provide a comfortable, safe and caring environment-keeping topics and discussion sensitive and supportive. 
All levels and experience welcome.

This is a registered class. Sign up for 6 weeks for $120.

Monday evenings 6:30-7:45PM (75 min)



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