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Fertility Workshops

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The journey of Fertility is sometimes challenging. Sometimes it is difficult to find others who understand and share similar emotions and stress.

The WOMB endeavors to provide a supportive, empowering space and outlet for women and families as they try to conceive and sometimes go through the often overwhelming and isolating experience of infertility. For example, when planning a baby or undergoing assisted reproduction, fertility yoga can increase blood flow, reduce tension and anxiety and help align the pelvis which all can help in achieving a faster conception. You can find your love, support and guidance through the process of conception in these classes and groups:

On-Demand Fertility Yoga Program

In this On-Demand pre-recorded program, you will be given access to 16 sessions of fertility preparation, yoga and internal work that will take you through each stage of your cycle - to honour it, be educated about it, and then perform applicable poses for it with the goal of consciously creating space for a new life within your womb. This includes:
  • The 4 phases of your cycle: Follicular Phase, Ovulation Phase, Luteal Phase 14-21, Luteal Phase 21-28
  • 4 fertility yoga sessions
  • 4 visualization sessions
  • 4 restorative yoga sessions
Angela DelFranco studied at the internationally acclaimed BirthLight for Perinatal Yoga and Baby Yoga with the founder Françoise Barbira-Freedman in the UK in 2004. Her training continued with a certification for Pilates through the Pilates Institute UK, YogaKids foundation, Stott Pilates Total Barre and is a Certified Yoga Teacher from The Yoga Centre of Burlington.yoga to develop inner-strength during times of immense growth.

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