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Yoga & Fitness Classes

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 Fertility Yoga

The journey of Fertility is sometimes challenging. Sometimes it is difficult to find others who understand and share similar emotions and stress.

When planning a baby or undergoing assisted reproduction, yoga can increase blood flow, reduce tension and anxiety and help align the pelvis which all can help in achieving a faster conception. With a mix of poses (asanas), breath control and meditation, fertility can be enhanced by reducing stress and improving hormonal circulation.

Join us to talk, share, relax as we will explore the benefits of yoga to compliment your current treatment plan and support a healthy future pregnancy. We will rotate various topics around emotions, hormones, parasympathetic nervous system vs. sympathetic nervous system, mind body awareness (meditation), pelvic health, self love and specific yoga postures to open the hips to release tension in abdominal areas.

Your instructor will provide a comfortable, safe and caring environment-keeping topics and discussion sensitive and supportive.
All levels and experience welcome.

This is a registered class. Sign up for 6 weeks for $120.

Monday evenings 6:30-7:45PM (75 min)


Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga can increase concentration and pain coping, improve flexibility and strength, reduce anxiety and stress, ease pregnancy discomforts such as lower back pain and hip discomfort, help you bond with your baby, facilitate a deeper connection with your body and intuition, be in an open, friendly environment where you can ask questions, share birth fears and learn ways to improve your birth experience.

Prenatal yoga is suitable for all levels of experience and all stages of pregnancy.

Class sizes are kept small to facilitate questions about everything from pain coping to breastfeeding.

MILTON: Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:00-8:00PM

BURLINGTON: Tuesdays 5:45-6:45PM

Sign up for 10 weeks for $175 per class. Trial first class $12. Drop ins welcome for $20 per class.




Baby & Me Yoga

Baby & Me Yoga is an ideal postpartum exercise. Begin Parenthood with a mindful and peaceful approach by practicing yoga with your baby.

Each week we will practice various yoga poses and postpartum exercises, while connecting with other moms and your baby. Gain confidence and ease during the postpartum period. No yoga experience is needed. Classes are kept small for individual attention.

MILTON: Mondays 11:15AM - 12:15PM
BURLINGTON: Thursdays 10:00AM-10:45AM

Sign up for 6 weeks for $105. Drop ins welcome for $20 per class. Trial first class $12.




 Family Yoga

Connect, stretch, breathe and relax with your lil one in this playful Family Yoga class. 

This is the ideal yoga class for babes who are crawling or just getting used to walking and are too old for Mom and Baby Yoga, but perhaps not yet old enough for Tot Yoga.

Through music and movement, babies have fun while developing gross motor skills and adults enjoy a nice yoga stretch. This class sparks imagination, works on gross motor skills, stimulates baby's senses and is filled with hugs, giggles and laughter.  No prior experience needed.  

 Let your inner child shine as we sing songs and practice yoga together!

Sign up for 6 weeks for $105. Drop ins welcome for $20 per class. Trial first class $12.

MILTON: Mondays 10:00AM - 11:00AM
BURLINGTON: Thursdays 11:15AM - 12:00PM



 Mommy Bootcamp

Halton’s Only Fitness Bootcamp Designed Especially for Moms and Babies!

BelliesApprovedTrainerbadgeThis isn't a pint-sized work out though! Mommy Bootcamp is a workout designed to help you re-energize, restore, tone muscle and lose baby inches while considering the needs of a postpartum and/or breastfeeding mother. In weeks you'll have more energy, more flexibility, and feel lean, strong and confident. And you get to have FUN with your baby while doing it!

NEW! Stroller Bootcamp!  An outdoor bootcamp equipped with strollers and tough love! From June to October, work up a sweat using your body weight and natural settings to get strong, healthy and happy. 

Wednesdays 11:00AM - 12:00 PM

Sign up below for 6 weeks for $17.50 per class. Drop ins welcome (if there is space) for $20 per class. 


Adult Ballet

For those with a few years experience but no need to be a prima ballerina


Momma & Baby Core Class

Most exercise wouldn't be appropriate right after birth. But some of us just can't help it. So why not do it right? Momma and Baby Core Classes can be started as early as 2 WEEKS AFTER BABY! This is a pelvic floor and core restoration class that builds week after week to get you ready to move fast and with more intensity in a safe way.

Do you have the mommy tummy pouch or feel like you can’t lose your baby belly no matter what you do?  Maybe you leak a little pee when you laugh, sneeze or jump?
Do you have back or pelvic pain since having your baby?  Do you generally feel like your abs just aren’t doing their job? Like they are weak, stretched or lifeless?

Work through 6 weeks of programming to strengthen your body from the core outward, so that you can be stronger than before you were pregnant and set the foundation for lifelong health, function and feeling great. We do not do crunches or sit-ups, ever! We get back to the basics, building from the inside out and have fun with our babies while doing!

MILTON: Thursdays 1:00 - 2:00PM
BURLINGTON: Mondays 9:30 - 10:30AM



 Meditation for Personal Growth Series

Learn to use meditation to cope with & transform the way you relate to life's challenges. Each week we will try a different approach to meditation and explore ways to take your meditation "off the mat" into daily life. No experience needed. 

Thursdays 8:15 - 9:15PM



Movement and Meditation Classes

This meditation class combines rhythmic movement, breathing, sound and meditation. Start the class with gentle movements and breath work, preparing your body and mind for meditation. Then you will focus on a particular set/theme, that addresses your specific needs as a parent, partner, in the workplace, as a caregiver, etc.

Work on:

A Calm & Open Heart: This is a wonderful set to address anxiety

Getting your Body out of Dis-Stress: This set will focus on activating meridian points to relieve stress

Moving Forward: This set gives you clarity and opens up your heart, so you can act from a place of love and compassion

Release Your Anger: Prolonged periods of unresolved anger wears out the auto immune response and can lead to dis-ease and low energy. This set empowers you to release inner anger and gives you release from daily stressors.

Tuesdays 7:15 - 8:15PM


Pelvic Health Workshop for Health Care Professionals

  • Do you want to better understand how you can support women in birth to prevent pelvic floor dysfunction?
  • Are you a fitness trainer or health practitioner who wants to better understand common PREVENTABLE and TREATABLE pelvic problems?
  • Do you want to help women restore the pelvic floor and fix DIASTASIS RECTI?

Join Dr. Sinead Dufour, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Clinical Assistant Professor at McMaster University, in a workshop to help you better help women through enhancing your knowledge of the pelvis, pelvic floor and pelvic dysfunction.

Investment: $55 plus HST






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