Community and Connection

The WOMB is a wholeness center where each family is nurtured and nourished to flourish by providing whole health services, education, fitness and supporting products while inspiring connection to self, source, family and community.

Why The WOMB ?

A Sacred Place for:

The WOMB has supported thousands of family members in Ontario and the world with health and wellness care, parenting and childbirth prep, and fitness and yoga since 2014. It is a center of excellence in fertility, pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period (and life beyond parenting) that sees you as a WHOLE person – taking into consideration your physical, mental and emotional health when caring for and treating you and your family. 

This is why we call The WOMB a “wholeness” center.

The wholistic and collaborative health team at The WOMB treat and nurture you with:

  • Natural measures to create space for and nurture your family’s fertility and conception
  • Support for an informed, comfortable, empowered pregnancy
  • Assistance to create a confident mindset, prepared body and open heart for a beautiful birth experience
  • Birth recovery resources and treatments
  • Exploring your new role as a parent – Getting to know the “new you”!
  • Learning about your newborn and children as they grow
  • Taking time for self-care, self-growth and development opportunities

All this in a non-judgemental, safe and welcoming environment.

Enriching Your Family

The WOMB provides folks who are planning a baby, expecting families, new parents and their children access to a team of specialized health care practitioners in an informal, inviting, inclusive and family-centered environment.


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