There are a few different services that The WOMB offers for babies experiencing “colic” or gas. First, we recommend that you see a WOMB Lactation Consultant. The issue can be a result of your baby’s latch, milk flow, structure of the baby’s mouth or other challenges, so the Lactation Consultant will do a full assessment of you, your baby and your feedings. Second, it would also be beneficial to bring your baby in for Osteopathy. Our Osteopathic Manual Practitioners can treat your baby for gas and tummy troubles by using their gentle and thorough techniques to help with your baby’s system and alleviate symptoms and discomfort. Third, chiropractic care can also help “colic” with a gentle and very effective treatment. The WOMB’s chiropractors will treat the baby’s nervous system by detecting spinal misalignments with a thorough examination and correct the misalignment with a safe and gentle adjustment.

Yes! Men are always welcome at The WOMB. Don’t let the name fool you… Our practitioners see all family members, including: moms, dads, infants, children, grandmas and grandpas! We are here to support the entire family.

For example, a lot of our male clients come for massage, osteopathy treatments, chiropractic care and more! All men and partners are welcome (and we highly recommend) to sign up and join our fertility, pregnancy & birth, and parenting workshops!

We have so much to tell you about!  If you are able to, we’d love to have you come in for a tea and tour so we can go over all our amazing services in person.  In the meantime, we suggest you have a look at our website. There you will see all the services we offer…including: 
  • Chiropractic care for pelvic alignment and well being
  • Osteopathy to ease any discomforts and make lots of room for baby
  • Breastfeeding class to prepare you and your partner for a great start
  • Doula services for a confident, positive birth experience
  • Pelvic health physiotherapy to learn how to push your baby down effectively and easily, and prevent trauma
  • Massage therapy to ease discomforts, to take a break in your day for self care, and to keep your body’s systems flowing
  • Counselling services to ease concerns, worries and anxieties and to prepare your relationship for the transition to parenthood
  • Childbirth preparation classes to learn effective coping practices and comfort measures
  • Prenatal yoga classes to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the pregnancy journey and birth, and to begin to build your parenting community
  • Pregnancy workshops and so much more!

We highly recommend you see one of our Naturopathic Doctors. Naturopathic medicine helps families establish optimal health prior to conception to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. Whether you are planning to conceive naturally or are using assisted reproductive technologies, naturopathic care can improve rates of a healthy full term pregnancy by balancing hormones, creating an optimal environment for pregnancy.

Chiropractic care can often help with fertility challenges as they are often associated with less than optimal nervous system function. Chiropractors are experts in reducing nervous system interference by keeping the spine properly aligned, and allowing clear messages to travel to and from the brain and throughout the body, including the reproductive system. Chiropractic care can be used in conjunction with other approaches to enhance fertility and resolve infertility challenges as well as greatly improve the chances of successful medical procedures such as IVF.

Osteopathy can also be helpful as the practice seeks to restore any structural or biomechanical imbalances that may cause dysfunction of the reproductive systems in both men and women.

The WOMB offers Fertility Yoga. Fertility Yoga can help you rebalance your system. By calming your nervous system, your cortisol (stress hormone) levels will go down, which will help you improve your body’s overall health. Yoga’s ability to help you process mental challenges and difficult emotions can also help reduce your stress hormones and bring an inner balance to your body.

Fertility Coaching and Counselling is available through The WOMB. The process of conceiving can sometimes bring with it varying levels of social, emotional, physical and relationship stress. This stress may affect many aspects of your life including your ability to become pregnant. Fertility coaching and counselling can help you manage these stresses as well as help you to sort through the choices and options available to you on your journey to becoming parents or expanding your family.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. Many conditions that cause pelvic pain, such as endometriosis, interstitial cystitis and pelvic congestion syndrome have also been connected to infertility. The combined care of fertility specialists and physiotherapists has led to increasingly successful outcomes. The WOMB’s pelvic health physiotherapists use a combination of evidence-based manual therapies, neuro-modulation techniques and exercise prescription for optimizing the health of your pelvic region so that your body is more receptive to conception.

Chiropractors focus mainly on the spine and the nervous system and how it impacts the body. Osteopathic manual practitioners concentrate on releasing the connective tissue in the body as a whole. Osteopathy provides more muscle and soft tissue work along with manipulation. Both modalities treat all family members.

The WOMB does not deal directly with insurance companies so you do not need a referral. We recommend you check in with your Extended Healthcare Benefits provider to see if you are covered. You will pay upfront when you come for your appointment and The WOMB’s care team will provide you with a detailed statement that provides all the information you will need to submit your claim to your insurance company.

For most services, you can book online. For a few services, such as chiropractic care and you must either call us or book in-person. Our WOMB CARE team is always happy to help you book appointments or register for classes and workshops in person or by phone.

Sometimes, yes. There are practitioners who keep their schedules offline though, so please give us a call if you are unsure.
We require a credit card on file as per our cancellation policy. We will not charge it unless you tell us to, or we have tried to contact you and have not been able to get a hold of you for a missed appointment. We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Yes, The WOMB Doulas have had the gift of being welcomed to attend births in all of the birthing suites, in all service areas from the Greater Toronto Area, Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth, Peel Region, The Niagara Region, Oxford County, and York Region. Doulas ensure and maintain respect for the care team that the hospital provides for you and as such, have a collaborative relationship that is beneficial to you and your family, regardless of whether you birth with an Obstetrician, a Midwife or Family Doctor.
Doulas also attend births at their client’s homes with Midwifery Care.

Doulas do not speak to your care providers on your behalf.

A Midwife fills a very different role than a Doula. A Midwife is your primary care provider and they will take care of all of your medical needs. Midwifery responsibilities are similar to those of a nurse/obstetrician team. While many Midwives offer as much emotional and physical support as they can, their time is meant to be focused on medically monitoring you and your baby as well as documenting your labour.
Absolutely not!! Doulas are there to enhance your partner’s role. We know that no one loves you the way your partner loves you. There may be times that it is difficult for your partner to know how best to help you during your pregnancy, labour and birth so your Doula will provide suggestions, physical and emotional support (for BOTH of you) and, when needed, a chance for your partner to have a few minutes of a break so as to be able to best help you when you need it.

Whether a caesarean birth happens because it is scheduled in advance of your labour or something that transpires through the labour process, a Doula is trained to be able to provide you with exceptional support leading up to and through it.

Often, these days, The WOMB Doulas are being invited into the operating theatres with a birthing person and their partner. Being able to be in the operating room with you gives you the chance to have someone with you who can answer your questions and give you the opportunity to have your wishes heard while your care providers work and make sure you and your baby are safe. After the birth, your doula is able to be another pair of EXPERIENCED hands to help you with establishing breastfeeding, changing diapers, seeking out food for you and your partner and so much more.

While Doula fees are not covered by provincial health insurance plans there are more and more employment health benefits packages that DO cover Doula fees. It can be advantageous to ask your Human Resources contact at work to see if this is something that will apply for you. Currently the Peel Elementary Teachers Local (PETL) has introduced League Benefits Spending Accounts. This includes coverage for both Birth and Postnatal Doula Services.



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