The WOMB provides psychotherapy and counselling services combining various strategies and interventions that can assist you in understanding and overcoming challenges you may face in your mental wellness and as you transition into different stages of your life. Counselling can help with:

  • Birth trauma
  • Relationship stress
  • Parenting challenges
  • Separation / Divorce
  • Overwhelm and chaos
  • Interrupting unhealthy patterns
  • Body image issues
  • Panic and anxiety attacks
  • Social anxiety and awkwardness


The process of conceiving can sometimes bring with it varying levels of social, emotional, physical and relationship stress. This stress may affect many aspects of your life including your ability to become pregnant. Fertility coaching and counselling can help you manage these stresses as well as help you to sort through the choices and options available to you on your journey to becoming parents or expanding your family.

Grief & Loss Counselling

Losing someone, something, a baby, a pregnancy – is very painful. Healing from loss is a highly personal and individual process and experience. The WOMB’s coaches and counsellors can help you navigate these stages of grief to help you heal.

Postpartum Depression, Anxiety and other Mood Disorders

The WOMB understands that bringing a new baby into the family can be challenging no matter how much you have planned, anticipated or love your child. If these feelings of “baby blues” intensify or don’t go away after a few weeks you may be experiencing a Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorder. PMAD can interfere with your ability to take care of your child and yourself so getting the support and counselling from a therapist experienced in PMADs right away is important in returning to a healthier you and a more positive parenting experience.


The WOMB’s Counselling team provides support that may include:

  • Integrative and Holistic Psychotherapy
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Mindfulness and yoga based therapy
  • Safe and Sound Protocol
  • Positive Psychology
  • Integrative Neurobiology (inter-related body and mind)
  • Polyvagal Theory (nervous system regulation)
  • Family Systems Theory (relationship patterns and dynamics)
  • Psychodynamic (how our past impacts our present)
  • Attachment Theory
  • Cognitive Behavioural Theory
  • PACT (couples work).
  • Emotion – focused therapy
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