The WOMB provides an alternative to traditional, separation-based sleep training methods, with a focus on strengthening your attachment, supporting the emotional well-being of both of you as parents and your children, and co-creating strategies with you that are customized to fit your family’s unique needs. The WOMB’s support is ideal for parents who would like to learn more about age-appropriate sleep behaviour and determine the WHY behind their baby’s sleep challenges. This attachment-centered approach is supportive of breastfeeding and bed-sharing families.


This 20-minute call is designed for parents who may have one or two specific questions about their child’s sleep. Are you are wondering if a particular stage or behaviour is normal? Maybe you would like more information on transitioning from two naps to one. In this call we will be able to address one specific concern to the best of our ability, or simply to provide some insight and reassurance on what is normal and expected for your child’s sleep.


This educational consultation is a 60 minute call via phone/Skype/FaceTime. We will shed light on your sleep questions, helping you manage expectations and navigate common sleep challenges. We will discuss an overview of the neurological, biological and behavioural components of sleep, normalize infant sleep habits, navigate your common sleep challenges, and your own self-care. You will receive a detailed handout of the topics covered, along with resources that may further your understanding of infant sleep. Suitable for prenatal consultation or for new parents .

MINI SLEEP CONSULTATION for 6 months+ – $300

60 minute personalized sleep education via phone/Skype/FaceTime

  • Analysis of sleep intake form
  • Discussion of normal sleep habits and challenges
  • Suggestions of initial changes that could be made to improve the well-being of the whole family
  • Detailed notes provided following the consultation
  • One follow up email exchange OR 15 minute phone call within one week following the consultation

*Additional email support is available for $150/week.


This package includes a personalized sleep plan using gentle and supportive sleep solutions to help your child sleep better through the night, as well as for naps. For children 5 months to 6 years of age.

  • 90 minute sleep consultation via phone/Skype/WhatsApp.
  • Evaluation of your child’s sleep situation
  • Comprehensive sleep plan
  • 4 Follow up calls, 15 minutes each (total 1 hour)
  • Overnight texting support available (exchange one Follow up call for each night of support)
  • E-mail support for 6 weeks for quick questions and optional check-ins
  • 8 Weeks access to The Better Sleep Toolkit. The toolkit contains videos, handouts and e-books with evidence-based information to help you get your child sleeping through the night and napping well. Includes videos that answer frequently asked questions and address special challenges.
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