Conscious Conception:

Yoga has many known benefits for the body, but did you know that it could improve your fertility? Aside from supporting women during pregnancy and post childbirth, yoga has the capacity to increase your ability to conceive thanks to a range of benefits. Here’s a closer look at why you might consider trying fertility yoga if you are trying to get pregnant.

#1 Yoga Helps You Reconnect

Mindfulness and mental clarity are certainly at the top of the list when it comes to yoga’s universal benefits. However, the ability of yoga to help you reconnect with your body is extremely beneficial if you are looking to conceive. Aside from reducing your stress and anxiety, this can help you avoid the disconnect that women often experience when it is taking a longer time to conceive. Through yoga, you will learn to love, appreciate, and work with your body.

#2 Increase Blood Flow

The deep stretches and breathing techniques employed in yoga will help you to improve your blood flow and circulation throughout your entire body, helping energy flow to your reproductive organs. Most of us live a sedentary lifestyle that leads us to sitting for the majority of the day, so yoga plays a big part in helping to open up your muscles and get the blood flowing, especially to your pelvis region–an area that often becomes tense for most women who live a sedentary lifestyle.

In traditional Chinese medicine, stagnant energy (“chi”) can lead to reproductive issues, so moving in a yoga session will help you to open your body’s energy channels and allow all of the stagnant energy to flow freely through your body again. Physically, it will also help to open your hips and give you relief from physical tension that’s hindering your circulation and movement. 

#3 Achieve Hormonal Balance

Your endocrine system is responsible for producing all sorts of different hormones, including sex and adrenal hormones. When one element of your endocrine system is out of balance, it can lead to a domino effect, impacting much more than hormonal balance within your body. Since hormonal balance is important for optimal fertility, you should focus on stabilizing your internal systems.

Lifestyle factors, including stress, can impact your hormonal balance. Fortunately, yoga can help you counteract these lifestyle factors to rebalance your system. By calming your nervous system, your cortisol (stress hormone) levels will go down, which will help you improve your body’s overall health. Yoga’s ability to help you process mental challenges and difficult emotions can also help reduce your stress hormones and bring an inner balance to your body.

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