Hey Birth Partner! Why you don’t need to be a Superhero…

Often times with all the excitement and preparation for labour and birth, the role of the birth partner is taken for granted. Society has placed unrealistic expectations on partners to be the hero for the day but without enough sleep, food, experience and some simple items, it’s hard for partners to hold it together for the birth let alone to help the birthing partner effectively. But the birthing mom will notice if you aren’t meeting your own needs and this can make them more anxious. The more anxious they are, the more pain they may feel. So by looking after your own basic needs, your birthing partner can relax without worrying that you’re ok. You are not a superhero but a human being about to share in one of the most exhilarating yet exhausting times of your life. Here are some things that a birth partner can do to prepare and feel ready for the big day.

Pack a bag – for a hospital birth bring a change of clothing, sweater, flip flops, bathing suit, mints, phone charger, lip balm for your birthing partner, and your toiletries. You’ll be staying more than 24 hours and you’ll want to freshen up too! Having fresh breath is so important when you are face to face for so long! You’ll definitely feel like a hero if you casually pull lip balm out of your pocket when your labouring partner complains that their lips are dry.

Pillow for your birthing partner and a pillow for you – hospitals usually aren’t generous with pillows, so if you do get a chance to rest, it’ll be so much better with a pillow. Try to avoid white pillow cases if possible (your pillow may get mixed up with the hospitals!).

Eat and stay hydrated – I can’t count the number of times as a doula that I’ve looked over at a partner and begged them to take a break and eat something. I think that there can be some guilt when they can’t take discomfort away from the birthing person so sacrificing eating can alleviate that feeling of guilt. However, this is the one discomfort that has purpose, and you need to be there for baby to be born, so feed yourselves!! Energy bars are a great item to bring and are easy to bring in any bag, so you’re not away from your labouring partner for a long amount of time. Every time your partner has some water, so should you! Dehydration symptoms are pretty harsh and you need to be on your game. Hospitals are notoriously dry and coffee is also dehydrating so be good to yourself and balance everything with some H20.

and last but definitely not least….


Emotions – you will be going through some crazy emotions that may take you by surprise. It’s ok, your feelings count too. Let yourself feel them and share them with your partner. Watching your partner birth your baby and then meeting your baby for the first time is an amazing, life changing experience – enjoy it… feel it… live it.

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