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Making the transition into parenthood, from couple-dom to family or expansion of the family unit, requires work and support - from a whole community. As you feed your baby milk, heal your body, and process your birth experience, we will wrap you in a blanket of care and love, supporting your recovery and journey into motherhood and fatherhood. 

Postnatal doulas and lactation consultants can support this transition in the warmth of your home. Inside THE WOMB, practitioners will support your growth and change through workshops, health care, yoga, fitness and pilates classes, support groups like Emerging Mothers and a tea, spring water or a big glass of wine. We are here for your days of joy and your moments of overwhelming tears. Your practitioners will support you with:

As your children get older, you will find your support arising in different ways - through mom and toddler yoga, Intro to Solids and picky eater workshops, reconnecting with yourself in YIN Mama Yoga and continuing to restore your own health. Dads and other family members are always welcome at THE WOMB too!

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