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THE WOMB is a place that supports you, the mother-to-be and your support network in your preparations for your baby’s arrival by acknowledging the emotions pregnancy brings. As you transition to motherhood and the changes needed when creating a new life, your support at THE WOMB will remind you to look deeply at the joys and challenges unique to your own journey. At THE WOMB you will find a sacred and centred, peaceful space to live your pregnancy fully.

Every woman can experience the ebbs and flows of emotions, share her hopes, dreams and fears in our safe place. Through Birthing from Within prenatal classes, Prenatal Yoga/Pilates and workshops such as Childbirth Without Fear and Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes, you will experience classes offered that hold space for you or allow you to experience pregnancy in meaningful and personal ways.

Sometimes it may feel like you are life’s closest thing to creation and sometimes it may just feel like you are a ball nausea, exhaustion and discomfort. Both are okay and both are part of your journey. At THE WOMB, we are here to support you through the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. Our health care providers can support you and your partner and children with:

Honour and celebrate this rite of passage into motherhood by embracing your new emotions, energies and physical body by gathering for tea with other women in our living room or in formal traditional ceremony with a Mother Blessing or Blessingway. You do not have to make this journey alone. You will walk your own path, but we are here to fall back on.

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